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Ethically Sourced & Sustainably Made

Grown solely on African soil and ethically sourced, our luxury beauty collections pay homage to African culture, elegance and essence. Ingredients sourced from cooperatives and artisans across Africa. Shea Butter from Ghana and Uganda, Baobab oil from Nigeria, Argan Oil from Morocco, Marula from South Africa and Jasmine and Neroli from Egypt are amongst dozens of other active botanical ingredients that come together to lay the foundation for our beauty formulas.


Christina Tegbe







Christina Funke Tegbe is the founder and creative visionary behind 54 Thrones. An African luxury beauty brand inspired by the richness, diversity, and culture of the continent and its people.

A southern-American childhood rooted with the cultural essence of Nigeria, Christina grew up experiencing the true and sacred beauty of Africa. Empowered by her Nigerian aunties who would indulge her with tubs of shea butter sent via Nigeria and moved by the ingenuity and innovation across the motherland, she answered the call to share the heart and soul of Africa with the world. In 2016, she left a career in corporate consulting to launch her luxury beauty brand.

With 54 Thrones, Christina aspires to spread the message that “Made in Africa is Luxury”. Determined to share the beauty and authenticity of an Africa often not seen, she partners with passionate artisans who handcraft the luxuriously skincare rich products that make up her brand

Through her work, trade, and business in Africa, she fights for social and economic development of African nations alongside the eradication of poverty and gender inequality. Featured at the 2019 Global Shea Alliance she spoke about the power of advancing gender equality in producing communities and on that belief by giving back, supporting, and providing sustainable income opportunities for her partners.

“My utmost mission is to provide beautiful experiences for our customers, through luxurious skincare solutions while bringing them closer to Africa's culture, significance, and glory."

– Christina Tegbe



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