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"I wanted to share the African beauty secrets passed on to me from my family with the world." - Christina Funke Tegbe

The name 54 Thrones distinctively represents Africa's 54 countries. Entrepreneur Christina Funke Tegbe grew up in the States and throughout her childhood her Aunts in Nigeria would always find a way to send small tubs of Shea Butter, Black Soap and Palm Oil for her and her siblings to use. These fond childhood memories inspired her to create a medium to make luxury African beauty secrets more accessible for women of color everywhere.
She travels to each and every country her products are sourced in; personally meeting each and every farmer, entrepreneur and cooperative. Collaborating to create authentic, sustainably-made luxury beauty products, wholly made in Africa by Africans. The result; high quality, African-grown ingredients; backed by women who've cared for their skin with these natural ingredients for generations. 
Working closely with the artisan partners to build relationships with them to help facilitate change and improvement in their quality of life. 54 Thrones supports three of the United Nations’ global goals including poverty eradication, gender equality, decent work and economic growth; partnering with small farmers and artisans, particularly women, who are especially disadvantaged in Africa.  
Our mission is to change the “pity Africa” narrative by encouraging trade with African countries, creating value on the continent and globally distributing our made in Africa luxury beauty products. 


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