The Moroccan Collection is our first collection and very dear to us for many reasons. While in Morocco we were seduced by the vibrant carpets, the textures, the sweet citrus trees that lined the streets and the hospitality of every one we met.

Berber women of Morocco have been producing Argan Oil for centuries. Argan Oil production is a way to support their families and their communities. 

After traveling around Morocco meeting with countless women cooperatives, we fell in love with an Argan Oil cooperative we found near the coastal town of Essaouria, Morocco. Our entire Moroccan product line was produced by our cooperative partners there and we are so excited to bring you pure, organic, unadulterated, paraben-free beauty products for you to share and enjoy. 


 Ghana, Ghana, Ghana! Our trip to Accra, Ghana was eventful and relaxing at the same time. We arrived Accra and went straight to work, we met with the Ghanaian based non-profit organization called Global Shea Alliance (GSA). The Global Shea Alliance is an organization encouraging sustainability, quality, safety and fair wages within the Shea Butter Industry. We are happy to be members of this organization and even more grateful to be working with the village collectives who've produced of our products.

In northern Ghana there are many village collectives that produce Shea Butter, Black Soap, and many other precious oils and butters. Our products are made in Tamale, Ghana by a passionate women village collective.


Here is a great video from the GSA outlining it's practices and initiatives: