At 54 Thrones we want to inspire you to think outside of the box and to go beyond what you're used to. Be inspired by the rich cultures our ingredients come from, the people who create them and the power behind African clean beauty.

The Mission

Our mission is to create intimate skin experiences through African beauty rituals and traditions. We celebrate and encourage a skin-first approach—instead of covering up skin issues with makeup, it's best to treat the root cause. It's also important to understand that our bodies are incredible machines that speak to us, so when you have a dry patch or a breakout, you must listen to your skin and treat it accordingly.

The Process

Every ingredient we use has been grown on African soil. We go to each cooperative first-hand to see the process, meet the people, and to ensure we are sustainably sourcing ingredients.  We pick the highest quality African beauty ingredients that will give you glowing results and make you feel regal and beautiful.

The Family

We love that you are a part of our 54 Thrones Family. This is a community of people who love skincare and see the beauty, value and culturally rich elegance in African beauty rituals. 

The 54 Thrones Oath

We care about what we produce, how we produce it, who produces it, and the why behind everything we make. We promise to always put safety, efficacy and integrity into everything we do and every product we produce.



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