June 10, 2020 2 min read

At 54 Thrones we have introduced you to our definition of clean beauty as well as beyond clean beauty, and now we want to put you on to A-Beauty! Inspired by the widely known term for Korean Beauty, K-Beauty, we wanted a simple way to describe the beautiful array of African beauty rituals that we honor in our products at 54 Thrones. We like to think of A-beauty as beauty that is inclusive and rooted in age-old African traditions that use simple, natural, multipurpose and cross-functional ingredients. A-beauty is not a monolith. It is about community. It is about celebration. It is about paying homage to traditions. It is about giving gratitude to Africa, the birthplace of ingredients and beauty rituals that are meant to be shared and enjoyed by all people. 

Across the continent of Africa, various rituals take place that show how A-Beauty could not be one singular thing even if it tried to be. In Ghana, shea butter is used to massage, moisturize and stretch the limbs of babies, an example of its role within the family. In Morocco, Berber women would gather with their Beldi soaps in hammam spas to commune and spend time together, demonstrating its role within the community. In Ethiopia, clarified butter can be used for cooking and as a hair moisturizer, showing its commitment to zero waste. In Somali, qasil is made from the dried and crushed leaves of Gob trees to create a powder used for masks, shampoo and cleanser exemplifying the cross functional use of materials. In Zimbabwe, okra is used for its hydrating properties to make face masks that target facial lines and wrinkles illustrating the importance of multipurpose ingredients. In Sudan, women preparing for marriage often perform a ritual practice known as dukhan, where the body is smoked with scented wood exhibiting the power of tradition. 

The aforementioned practices show not only how fundamentally dynamic A-Beauty is, but how community, family, simplicity and zero waste are at the center of these rituals. It shows us that A-beauty is not about a specific routine to follow. A-Beauty is a way to describe the ecosystem in which these masks, soaps and creams have been created. A-Beauty focuses on the intention, purpose and community involved in creating these materials, and honors the rituals that have inspired them. It is not about standalone products. A-Beauty is about thinking about beauty holistically and celebrating the beauty in that. 




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