Where is the Origin of Clean Beauty?

Where is the Origin of Clean Beauty?


Clean beauty has been defined in many ways, but a great summarization is that it is beauty products that are made ethically, consciously and without toxic ingredients that would jeopardize human health. While seemingly very straightforward, this definition can be interpreted in a myriad of ways as there are no particular parameters or metrics to hit when creating a clean beauty product.  The definition of clean beauty can mean different things to different people and 54Thrones would like to kick off a series that defines what clean beauty means to us and the pillars that make up how we define it. 

In the 54 Thrones universe we look to our African roots to define what clean beauty means. In many African communities masks, ointments, steams and other treatments literally come from the Earth. Think, plant botanicals like roots, herbs, oils and butters. The idea is to not be wasteful and utilize what the land has given to purify, heal and beautify from the inside out. Ingredients are only used when needed, and remnants repurposed. This level of resourcefulness is a reminder that everything has a purpose, even the things that we may consider to be waste. African beauty rituals remind us who the originators are when it comes to zero waste, organic and natural treatments as it exemplifies this in its purest sense.

Words that contribute to our definition of clean beauty include family and community. It is not uncommon in Africa for the creation of these treatments to be done in tandem with a celebratory event such as marriage, a birth or an entry into womanhood. They are rooted in the idea that the byproducts of the land on which the community exists can be used as vehicles for healing, celebration and honor. These rituals are meant to be used within the community as a whole, also demonstrating how clean and pure the actual intentions are behind these treatments. 

So, how does 54 Thrones define clean beauty? 

54 Thrones Clean Beauty is inspired by traditional African rituals and practices rooted in community, the power of healing, celebration and creating beauty from the inside out. Ingredients are pure, botanical and ethically sourced from what we identify as the birthplace of clean beauty, Africa. The development of these products are done sustainably, at a fair wage and devoid of harm to both humans and animals.


By: Marquia Walton


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